Steve Cockcroft

00 61 (0)4677 35047
00 61 (0)4677 35047

Boatshed Gold Coast
Suite 2, Level One North,
63 Miller Street
New South Wales
NSW 2009

Hi To All

After hearing about Boatshed & speaking with Chrissie Capel back in 2014 I took the decision to join the Boatshed Team as broker of BoatshedGoldcoast Queensland Australia in 2016 which is a very, very short time ago. My wife Susy, our cat 'Naz' & I have lived on the Goldcoast of Australia living the dream in a wonderful climate in a great location since having relocated from Cornwall in 2002. After serving as an Engineer in the merchant navy prior to working on major construction projects worldwide my current role promises to be enjoyably challenging, but also personally rewarding as I am finally about to make a living from doing something I am passionate about. I have been on or around boats of all sizes most of my life, from paddling a home built kayak on the Leeds & Liverpool canal as a teenager, along with my time @ sea on worldwide trade routes around the globe to sailing on a schooner around the Fiji Islands & many more wonderful locations in between. I love nothing better than to view the world from the deck of a boat on a sunny clear day with the smell of bacon, eggs & fresh toast coming from the galley, although a cold beer on deck with friends @ sundown comes a very close second. Some people like the thrill of flying planes, some like playing golf, then there's a multitude of others with various preferred pastimes, whereby I just love boats, admiring them, sailing them, driving or fixing them & now selling them.

BoatshedGoldcoast is currently the furthest brokerage away from Boatshed HQ back in the UK, but after having skype conversations with both Chrissie, Wendy, & the Boatshed team @ HQ giving me guidance on state of the art Boatshed systems & the process of selling boats it does'nt seem so very far away at all. Being the most recent team member to join the Boatshed team I have lots to do to make BoatshedGoldcoast the success it deserves, however I'm sure if its passion & commitment that will win the day we will reach our goal.

"The Only Limits Are Those We Place On Ourselves"

All the best Steve.